Friday, 1 April 2011


A sneak peek at a character from my upcoming picture book.

You Could Wrap A Million Candles Into A Torch...

Painting based on a Slow Club song.

My Mirror Speaks.

Potential story book double page spread.

Hank in 3D.

A 3-page graphic novel idea. Hank the chimp finds a pair of 3D glasses and things start to change for him.

Campfire Society.

T-shirt design for music site, Campfire Society.

Digital Biscuit.

A t-shirt design for Digital Biscuit.

Alice Practice.

Potential book cover for Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

You're So Last Summer.

Self-portrait using differing perspectives, based on one of my favourite albums.

Logo Designs.

Venture Dreams.

Vans logo re-design given a sketchy look.


A children's illustration using flat perspective. A journey of a magpie.

I Am Not A Robot.

I am really though. Spot editorial illustration.


A few covers using different mediums for each.

Mixed Emotions.

My first picture book.